Hot air balloon touristic flights Tuscany - Hot air balloon touristic flights Florence Chianti

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Hot air balloon touristic flights Tuscany

Sport & Wellness
Walking and Hiking in Tuscany
Of yourse you will find the best possible conditions to jog. Step out of the hotel and start jogging. By now there are well signposted hiking routes. 
Hiking suggestions and jogging routes are available in the hotel. Visit us also under

Explore this amazing part of Tuscany by bike or

Villa La Cappella is in collaboration with a local agency that offers a service of bike rentals. You can also rent electric bikes to explore the Chianti countryside, famous worldwide for its charming landscape of rolling hills, vineyards and medieval small towns.

More detailed information available at the reception.
We are happy to arrange a guided e-bike tour for you. You can visit the bike rental service here:
Toscana by bike

Centro Ippico Casanova - in 8 km distance
Phone. +39 55 8248022

Thermal Bath - in 65 km distance, Sulfat Calcium - in 20 km distance, Sulfat, Natrium, Magnesium - in 60 km distance, Sulfurspring

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